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Is Montebello fair in how it allocates road repair money?

“Generally speaking as a matter of practice, most city council members will recuse themselves on votes that impact their own personal street,” Feng said. “(But) recusal rules only apply when somebody has a direct financial interest.”

Money & Influence 06.25.2018

PG&E is spending big in Sacramento as it struggles with costs of North Bay fires

“Nothing discloses how much money is going for a bill,” Heidorn said. Unless there is a reportable individual expense, like Dodd’s breakfast, the public is entitled to “absolutely nothing” about meetings between lobbyists and lawmakers, he said.

Five proposed charter amendments introduced at Long Beach City Council meeting

Sylvia Moore, the Southern California organizer for Common Cause, said at Tuesday’s meeting that if Long Beach were to create a redistricting commission, it would be a “milestone” achievement for California because half of the state’s 10 largest cities would have such a system for drawing districts.“ Long Beach would be a statewide leader in good governance,” Moore said.

Voting & Elections 06.3.2018

California’s Latinos and Asian Americans target city councils with district elections

A 2016 report by California Common Cause, a democracy advocacy organization, found that 59 of California's 482 cities hold district elections. Twenty-eight of those cities made the switch between 2011 and 2016.

Money & Influence 05.31.2018

Before John Cox was Trump’s choice for governor, he was on a quixotic mission to remake California’s Legislature

Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause, an advocacy group that participated in the 2013 meetings, said she could see the appeal in creating a system that brings constituents closer to their elected officials. But she said her group had questions about how the proposal would be implemented.

Voter fraud conviction inspires bill loosening oversight of lawmaker residency

California Common Cause wrote to the committee that it would establish a double-standard placing legislators "uniquely above the law" by giving them "carte blanche to lie about their residence for voting purposes," while courts have no way to review whether they actually live at the domicile they claim.

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