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Voter fraud conviction inspires bill loosening oversight of lawmaker residency

California Common Cause wrote to the committee that it would establish a double-standard placing legislators "uniquely above the law" by giving them "carte blanche to lie about their residence for voting purposes," while courts have no way to review whether they actually live at the domicile they claim.

Money & Influence 04.16.2018

Why are California Republicans feuding over their own anti-gas tax campaign?

Good government advocates have argued for years that some ballot measure committees are used as slush funds for candidates to get around finance laws and boost their own campaigns. Kathay Feng, the executive director of California Common Cause, said Allen’s ad “appears to be an attempt to circumvent California’s campaign finance limits.”

YCCD spent $800,000 without public bidding; the fallout continues

"Community colleges spend taxpayer dollars and people need to know how those decisions are made through a transparent and open bidding process,” said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause. "When a major contract is signed without a public bidding process, it can affect the public’s confidence in the district.”

At Least 12 States Will Sue to Block a Census Question on Citizenship Status

Kathay Feng, the executive director of California Common Cause and a leader for nonpartisan reformation of California’s redistricting process, spoke to Ian Masters on the widely broadcast radio talk show “Background Briefing” about the new census question.

Dumanis gave to charity, says $15,000 in donations covers tainted campaign contributions

“Most campaigns, to avoid the appearance of corruption, will disgorge immediately,” she said. “Something about the timing is questionable. (Once) it’s clear the source is of foreign origin, there is an ethical obligation for the candidate to return (the money).”


Sacramento had the state’s first woman in office. She’s finally being honored

According to Heidorn’s research, Johnston was a founding member of the Woman’s Council, an umbrella organization of 30 women’s clubs in Sacramento that would successfully campaign for a new high school in the city and street markers. In 1911, she helped lead the local campaign to pass the amendment granting women in California the right to vote after voters in this region had defeated a similar measure 15 years before.

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