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Karen Hobert Flynn

Karen Hobert Flynn, a democracy reform activist and leader for more than three decades, she is the organization’s ninth president.

Rob Adams
Accounts Payable Manager
Sam Anderson
Sustaining Member & Development Coordinator

Sam is the Sustaining Member & Development Coordinator.

Joanne Antione
Manager State Outreach & Engagement | Common Cause Maryland
Kiyana Asemanfar
Policy Outreach Coordinator | California Common Cause
Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera
Executive Director | Common Cause Minnesota
Isabella Bronstein
National Grassroots Organizer

Isabella builds, organizes and trains a national network of grassroots and community leaders to work on local, state and national campaigns.

Kenneth Campbell
Graduate Communications Fellow

Kenneth is responsible for a creative communications program that will elevate the mission and issues through video and film production.

Alyssa Canty
College Outreach Coordinator | Common Cause North Carolina
Marilyn Carpinteyro
Chief of Internal Operations and Strategy

Marilyn is responsible for identifying opportunities for Common Cause to leverage cross-program strengths to take advantage of new opportunities and or to address organizational challenges.

Allegra Chapman
Director Voting & Elections, Senior Counsel

Allegra leads national and state efforts to reduce barriers to voting and ensure that elections are run efficiently and fairly throughout the country.

Michael Copps
Special Assistant Media & Democracy

Michael Copps is special adviser for Common Cause's Media and Democracy Reform Initiative.

Darcy Cox
Financial Analyst
Damon Effingham
Executive Director | Common Cause Maryland
Kathay Feng
Executive Director | California Common Cause
Heather Ferguson
Legislative Director | Common Cause New Mexico
Jenny Rose Flanagan
Vice President for State Operations

Jenny supervises Common Cause offices in 35 states across the country.

Carlos Flores
Program & Operations Manager | Common Cause Oregon
Caroline Fry
Elections Advocate | Colorado Common Cause
Dalton Fuqua
Director, Membership & Development Planning
Gavin Geis
Executive Director | Common Cause Nebraska
Yosef Getachew
Program Director Media & Democracy Program
Amanda Gonzalez
Executive Director | Colorado Common Cause
Susannah Goodman
Director of Election Security

Susannah works to press for reforms that repair and strengthen our voting systems at both the state and federal level.

Helen Grieco
Northern California Organizer | California Common Cause
Vernell Grissom
Director Membership Services

Vernell assists members with questions and inquiries about membership and handling state income for deposit and recording.

Anthony Gutierrez
Executive Director | Common CauseTexas
Viki Harrison
Executive Director | Common CauseNew Mexico
Ibie Hart
Student Organizer | Common Cause Illinois
Jay Heck
Executive Director | Common Cause Wisconsin
Nicolas Heidorn
Policy and Legal Director | California Common Cause
Sara Henderson
Executive Director Common Cause Georgia
Jennifer Hill
Program Director & Lobbyist
Damon Hribal
Network Administrator

Damon handles computer maintenance, system support and managing the network in the national headquarters.

LaShanda Jackson
Engagement & Fundraising Specialist

LaShanda helps guide major donor, planned giving, and foundation fundraising.

Rob Kerth
Digital Outreach Data Analyst

Rob builds data systems and analyzes the performance of membership and donor engagement, digital and offline activism, and civic engagement.

Brent Laurenz
Director Outreach & Special Projects | Common Cause North Carolina
Susan Lerner
Executive Director | Common Cause New York
Jesse Littlewood
National Campaigns & Digital Director

Jesse leads efforts to increase the size, political power and influence of Common Cause members and supporters through online channels.

Rey López-Calderón
Vice President Development

Rey is the Vice President of Development.

Bette Marchant
Chief Financial Officer
John Marion
Executive Director | Common Cause Rhode Island
Sandra Miller
Director Outreach & Information Services | Common Cause Wisconsin
Christina Monroe
Digital Associate

Christina is responsible for producing emails, online advocacy actions and events created and written by our state and national advocates.

Sylvia Moore
Southern California Organizer | California Common Cause
Keshia Morris
Program Associate

Keshia participates in the work of the Common Cause national program team and the Senior Vice President.

Jack Mumby
Deputy Digital Director

Jack is responsible for coordinating email campaigns, maintaining a presence on social media and supporting offline efforts with online content.

Devon Nir
Assistant Director
Elena Nunez
Director State Operations

Elena is responsible for building relationships with key allies, constituencies, and activists and increasing their level of engagement.

Bob Phillips
Executive Director | North Carolina
Jane Pinsky
Director Lobbying & Reform | Common Cause North Carolina
Cheri Quickmire
Executive Director | Common Cause Connecticut
Jay Riestenberg
Campaigns & States Media Strategist

Jay develops and manages Common Cause’s daily rapid response messages, national campaign communications strategy.

Paul S. Ryan
Vice President Policy & Litigation

Paul helps guide the organization's policy and litigation work in all substantive areas.

Aaron Scherb
Director Legislative Affairs

Aaron helps craft and gain support for various good-governance proposals, primarily related to our issue areas.

Micah Sims
Executive Director | Common Cause Pennsylvania
Stephen Spaulding
Chief of Strategy & External Affairs

Stephen works to advance the organization's mission of open democracy and accountable government.

Elizabeth Steele
Elections Director | Colorado Common Cause
Scott Swenson
Vice President Communications

Scott oversees strategic communications and messaging for the national organization.

Corie Tanida
Executive Director | Common Cause Hawaii
Kate Titus
Executive Director | Common Cause Oregon
Catherine Turcer
Executive Director| Common CauseOhio
Patrick Uzcategui
Executive Assistant to President

Patrick provides executive administrative support to the President & CEO.

Alvin Valverde
Operations Manager
Dave Vance
National Media Strategist

Dave works with staff to generate media to amplify the voice and strategically advance the democracy reform agenda.

Julia Vaughn
Policy Director | Common Cause Indiana
Dan Vicuna
National Redistricting Manager

Dan supports Common Cause state chapters in their campaigns to implement redistricting reform.

Bryan Warner
Communications Director | Common Cause North Carolina
Karen Watson
Senior Accountant

Karen is responsible for processing payroll, invoices, and other accounting duties.

Reggie Weaver
College Outreach Coordinator | Common Cause North Carolina
Pam Wilmot
Executive Director | Common Cause Massachusetts
Max Wolfson
Development Manager

Max helps guide major donor, planned giving, and foundation fundraising.

Jay Young
Political Director | Common Cause Illinois

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