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Student Organizing & Activist Training Webinar Agenda

  1. Welcome Introductions: When did you know you wanted to take action?
  2. Who is Common Cause—Our Issues/Video
  3. Personal Power: The Personal is Political
  4. Political Power Part 1: VAST Vision, Assessment, Strategies, Tactics, Power mapping
  5. Tools to Follow the Money
  6. Political Power Part 2: Steps to Action/Actions You Can Take
  7. Debrief and Discussion
  8. Students SOAR Pledges: Passing the Torch/Next Steps

Our young activist program aims to provide students the tools and resources to become better activists and advocates — creating a foundation for young people to become lifelong, active participants in our democracy.

Student Organizing and Activist Retreat

Each year, California Common Cause invests in providing undergrad students an organizing and activist retreat (SOAR). Due to Covid, we now offer California undergrad students our a free 3-hour webinar.  Our training covers organizing and advocacy best practices, and how to run and win strategic campaigns. We also discuss practical solutions to improving our government and democracy, which include:

  • getting dark money out of politics,
  • increasing voter participation,
  • holding lawmakers accountable,
  • simplifying and modernizing the state initiative process,
  • and promoting impartial and accessible media to support a healthy democracy.

The training is free and open to all undergraduate students in California.

 To help us train the next generation of leaders, please donate today.


Learn more about Common Cause’s internship program here.

College Ambassador Program 

Lear more about Common Cause’s College Ambassador program here.

Throughout the Year

Our staff guides and elevates the work that young leaders are doing throughout the year:

  • We offer Student Organizing and Activist Training Webinars
  • We work with and support Common Cause campus groups.
  • We help host campus and community events and actions that bring attention to current campaigns and important legislation that impact young people.
  • We support and mentor students in their campus campaigns to improve democracy, from voter registration drives to passing legislative reforms.
  • We offer paid internships, College ambassador programs, stipends for volunteers and we fund all supplies and training materials.
  • We host other networking opportunities for young members to connect and learn about ways to get involved.


Getting Involved

  • Are you a current student? Contact Helen Grieco if you live in Northern or Central CA, and Alvin Valverde if you live in Southern CA.
  • Are you a current member and are interested in volunteering? Contact Helen Grieco if you live in Northern or Central CA.
  • Please also consider sponsoring a student to attend a future Student Activist Retreat.
Sandra Luo
Freshman at University of California, San Diego

"I learned so much over the course of three eye-opening, inspiring days about the injustices and issues in our existing democracy, and I feel prepared to take a stand."

Ravanna Cantrall 
Sophomore at Long Beach City College

"I went to this training as a student activist with a hope for the future, and I have furthered this hope in myself as I saw it reflected in the eyes of my peers and in their community activism."

Cameron Silverberg
Senior at University of California, Berkeley

"The panels at the training taught me about how to lead a successful campaign, how to effectively use social media for advocacy, and how to attract receptive audiences for events."

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