California Common Cause has worked to bring independent, community-led redistricting to jurisdictions across California. We sponsored legislation that allowed cities and counties to adopt their own independent redistricting commission, established standardized redistricting criteria to keep communities together, and expanded community access and participation in the redistricting process. With the redistricting cycle underway in California, we are developing resources to educate community groups, local jurisdictions, and members of the public about the process, including overviews of requirements & best practices and materials to help engage communities in their local redistricting process. This page will be updated over the course of 2021 with materials from Common Cause and our partners to support you and your engagement in the redistricting process.

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Redistricting Workshop for Cities & Counties: Hosted on January 28, 2021

Redistricting Materials From California Common Cause

Roadmap for Local Redistricting in California: New Legal Requirements and Best Practices
California City & County Redistricting: New Timing Requirements and Deadlines
We Draw the Lines: A Comprehensive Guide to Redistricting Rules & How to Get Involved