California Common Cause is working to bring independent, community-led redistricting to jurisdictions across California. We sponsored legislation that allows cities and counties to adopt their own independent redistricting commissions; established standardized redistricting criteria to keep communities together; and expanded community access and participation in the redistricting process. With the redistricting cycle underway in California, we are developing resources to educate community groups, local jurisdictions, and members of the public about the process, including:

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often as it will be updated over the course of 2021 with materials from Common Cause and our partners to support you and your community’s engagement in the redistricting process! Additionally, you can go to for resources and guidance on setting up a redistricting commission under “Research and Resources”.

Visit our Local Redistricting Calendar to stay updated on important redistricting related dates and deadlines.

If you have any questions or would like to request assistance, please contact the California Common Cause team at

Please note: Local redistricting timelines in California may be adjusted by further legislation in response to the Census Bureau’s announcement of its updated Census data delivery schedule.

Redistricting Materials Made By California Common Cause

Notice 7/13/21: We are currently experiencing database issues — if you get a 404 error when opening any of these resources, please refresh the page. If you are still unable to access the resource, please contact us at for the files you need. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Local Redistricting 101 Fact Sheet
Local Redistricting Checklist: Requirements and Best Practices
Local Redistricting 2021 Legal Guide - ACLU and Common Cause
School Board & Special District Redistricting Requirements
Template for Community of Interest Testimony
Train-the-Trainer PowerPoint: Local Redistricting in California 101
Roadmap for Navigating the FAIR Maps Act: New Legal Requirements and Best Practices
California City & County Redistricting: New Timing Requirements and Deadlines
We Draw the Lines: A Comprehensive Guide to Redistricting Rules & How to Get Involved
Campaign Guide for Creating a Redistricting Commission
Guide for Participating in the Redistricting Process
NEW: Social Media Toolkit - Email and Outreach Templates
Train-the-Trainer PowerPoint: Local Redistricting for Community Based Organizations.

Recursos en Español

NUEVO: Medios de Comunicación Social
Hoja Informativa 101 sobre la Redistribución de Distritos Locales
Testimonio de la Comunidad de Interés
Lista de Redistribución Locales

 Examples of Public Input

Redistricting Workshop: Mapping, Demographics, & the Law (April 6, 2021)

Redistricting Workshop: Local Redistricting Train-the-Trainer For Community Based Organizations (July 13, 2021)

Redistricting Workshop for Cities & Counties (January 28, 2021)