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California Common Cause serves as a vehicle to strengthen public participation and ensure that public officials and public institutions are accountable and responsive to all citizens. Through a powerful combination of grassroots organizing, coalition building, policy development, research, public education, lobbying and litigation, we shed light on issues that affect Californians at the local, statewide, and national level. We’ve been on the front lines of numerous hard fought battles to reform government and the political process. California Common Cause has led efforts to give ordinary voters a voice in their government, end the stranglehold of big money interests on politics, and put our democracy back into the hands of Californians. Here’s where we’ve won:


California Citizens Redistricting Commission
Bringing Fair Maps to California

In 2008, California Common Cause led the effort to pass Proposition 11, the California Voters FIRST Initiative, to reform California’s redistricting process and secure a more fair representation for all Californians. This effort led to the creation of the award-winning California Citizens Redistricting Commission, which is charged with drawing the boundaries of the state’s Congressional, Senate, Assembly and Board of Equalization electoral districts every 10 years after the federal census.

Fair Maps Act
Local Redistricting Reforms

California Common Cause ​cosponsored the Fair Maps Act (Assembly Bill 849) in 2019, which was one of the most meaningful local redistricting reforms in California in the past several decades. The Fair Maps Act requires cities and counties to use standardized, fair redistricting criteria that puts communities first when drawing district lines. It also added outreach and hearing requirements so that all residents – including working and non-English-speaking Californians – can have a say in how their city and county districts are drawn.

Same Day Registration
Removing Barriers to Vote

California Common Cause cosponsored Senate Bill 72 to expand Same Day Registration to polling places, allowing any Californian to register and vote up to and on Election Day at any voting location in the state

Legislative Employee Whistleblower Protection Act
Holding Politicians Accountable

In 2018, we championed the Legislative Employee Whistleblower Act (Assembly Bill 403) – which provides critical protection against retaliation for legislative employees who bring forward improper behavior in the Capitol.

California DISCLOSE Act
Victory Against Dark Money

We joined with California Clean Money Campaign to lobby for and successfully pass the California DISCLOSE Act, which requires ballot measure ads and independent expenditure ads to prominently list their top three funders on the ads themselves, stopping dark money interests from buying our elections.

Independent Redistricting Commission
Better Representation

In 2016, California Common Cause cosponsored Senate Bill 1108 to allow local jurisdictions to establish Independent Redistricting Commissions. This bill allowed all California cities and counties to empower citizens commissions to redraw district lines with community input, instead of leaving this power to incumbents.

Voter’s Choice Act
Full-Service Voting

As part of our efforts to support innovative solutions to voting, we championed Senate Bill 450, the Voter’s Choice Act, which will make voting even easier in California. Starting in 2018, voters in participating counties will have the option of voting by mail, dropping off their ballot at secure drop boxes located around the county, or casting a ballot in-person at a Vote Center.

Online Voter Registration and Election Day Registration
October 2011/September 2012
Eliminating Barriers to Voting

We have helped make voting more accessible by sponsoring and ultimately passing Online Voter Registration (Senate Bill 397) in 2011. Leading up to the November 2012 election, nearly 850,000 Californians registered to vote by utilizing this new online tool. In 2012, California Common Cause championed Assembly Bill 1436, Election Day Voter Registration, eliminating one more barrier to voter engagement in the state.


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