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Here are some reports and other useful resources that contain information on California Common Cause's priorities. If you have other information that you think might be useful to put here, please contact us at (213) 623-1216.

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Consolidation of Elections Creates Massive Gains in Local Voter Turnout

In 2015, California Common Cause was a lead supporter of the California Voter Participation Rights Act (SB 415, Hueso). This report finds that voter turnout in municipal elections tripled, on average, in cities across California that consolidated their elections from off-cycle dates to on-cycle dates.


LA City Voter Turnout Analysis

Getting to 100: How Moving Elections to Even Years Increased Voter Participation in Local Elections October 2020

Voting & Elections 08.4.2020

California Common Cause and the Center for Social Innovation at University of California Riverside released a report today on how to reach first-time and limited-English speaking voters when conveying COVID-related changes in the upcoming November 2020 general election.


The report, “Reaching Low-Propensity Voters in California’s November 2020 Elections” examines voters’ awareness of voting options, voting option preferences, and reactions to existing voter messaging materials. The focus groups included low-propensity and first-time voters from Spanish, Tagalog, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, and Hmong language communities, and English-speaking youth, including many first-generation voters. Participants ranged in age and represented most major metropolitan areas across California, with greatest concentrations in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Central California, and the Inland Empire.


Assessing LA County's New Voting System Rollout in the March 2020 Primary Election. With 36 Recommendations for Improvement.

Common Cause deployed poll monitors to more than 150 Los Angeles County vote centers on Election Day and in the early vote period. In this report, we detail our findings and provide 36 recommendations for improving the voting system in Los Angeles County for the November 2020 election and beyond.


Letter to CA Citizens Redistricting Commission Regarding Selection of Remaining Commissioners

As you are aware, the random drawing to select the first eight commissioners resulted in zero Latinos being selected. In a state where Latinos comprise nearly 40 percent of the total population and nearly one third of its citizen voting age population, a lack of Latino representation on the Commission would be unacceptable. Fortunately, you have the power, and the legal obligation, to rectify the dramatic underrepresentation of Latinos when you make your determinations regarding the final six commissioners.

Legislature of State of California v. Padilla

Legal Filing/LitigationLetter

Due to COVID-19 delaying the 2020 Census, redistricting advocates including former Gov. Schwarzenegger, Common Cause and the League of Women Voters of California sign an amicus letter urging the California Supreme Court to extend redistricting deadlines. This will preserve the drawing of new voting maps for the next decade.

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