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Money & Influence 01.16.2017

L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin proposes full public funding for city campaigns

Councilman Mike Bonin said he wants voters to consider a proposal next year that would allow candidates to rely on taxpayer money rather than private contributions to fund their campaigns.

Money & Influence 10.24.2016

Measure X1 introduces possibility for Berkeley public campaign financing

“This is not a comprehensive fix, it’s a step in the right direction,” said Helen Grieco, a Northern California organizer for California Common Cause, in response to concerns. “You take it a step at a time.”

Money & Influence 10.21.2016

Richmond: Amid a flurry of campaign spending, Chevron visibly absent

“As the electorate gets more sophisticated and corporate money gets more distasteful, there will be a distancing and a building consciousness about how money influences democracy,” Grieco said.

Money & Influence 05.30.2016

In California, varied election filing practices reveal a system struggling to catch up

"Transparency at the local level is, in some ways, even more critical because the amounts that can be given to candidates can be so much higher," said Nicolas Heidorn, who serves as policy and legislation counsel to Common Cause, a nonpartisan group that promotes government accountability. Instead, contribution limits vary county by county.

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