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Voting & Elections 10.3.2018

New State Law Requires More Transparency From Social Media Political Ads

“This is part of a much larger conversation now. The timing of the bill was opportune,” said Kathy Feng, executive director for California Common Cause, a political transparency group that supported the bill. Brown signed the bill Sept. 26, but did not issue a statement about it.

Money & Influence 09.20.2018

California watchdog agency prohibits use of cryptocurrency for campaign contributions

California’s campaign finance watchdog agency voted Thursday to prohibit the use of cryptocurrency including bitcoin for political contributions in the state amid concerns that the anonymity it provides would make it difficult to identify who is trying to influence elections.

It’s not just Trump — California voters can thank themselves for the state’s relevancy in this November’s midterm election

Hey, California voter, way to go! People may say you’re sun-baked, a bit too laid back and, when it comes to picking presidents, largely irrelevant. But thanks to you, the state is sitting dead center in the November fight for control of Congress.

Voting & Elections 09.13.2018

LA County to see additional non-English voting help at the polls in November

A new report out Wednesday from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights found continuing voting problems for people of color and people with disabilities. The report took a national view, but some of these challenges have been playing out in California.

Long Beach’s Cambodian residents seek a stronger political voice

No Cambodian-American serves as an elected official in Long Beach. Residents and activists for the Cambodian community there — the largest in the nation — want to change that. They're pushing the city to draw up new council districts that could effectively give them their own representative.

Money & Influence 08.28.2018

California lawmakers shelve controversial bill that would have raised campaign contribution limits

A controversial proposal to allow state legislative leaders to accept bigger campaign checks for their favored candidates was sidelined by lawmakers for the year on Monday after it failed to garner sufficient support in the state Senate.

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