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Right now, our team at California Common Cause is making our final budget decisions for the coming fiscal year — and the extent to which we are able to mobilize to defend our democracy relies on contributions from supporters like you.

By chipping in today, you’ll make a major impact on our ability to see these priorities through. Make no mistake — those attacking our voting rights and democracy are well-funded and well-organized, which means we simply can’t afford to let up for even a second. Please make your contribution to California Common Cause today.

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About California Common Cause

California Common Cause is dedicated to building a democracy that includes everyone. We work on voting rights, redistricting reform, government transparency, and money in politics to end structural inequities in our state and local democracies and to create governments at all levels that are accountable to and reflective of California's communities.

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Get involved with California Common Cause's efforts to build a better democracy. Contact california@commoncause.org for more info.

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