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Media & Democracy 01.17.2019

Proposed T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Harms Our Democracy

We joined with the Communications Workers of America and allied groups to testify against the T-Mobile/Sprint merger during a public hearing at the California Public Utilities Commission on January 16 in Los Angeles.


How to Ensure LA Matching Funds Candidates Appear in Town Halls and Debates

A third-party organization should be charged with hosting the town hall meetings or debates for candidates who use the public matching funds system.

Redistricting Wins and Gerrymandering Losses Determine Who Controls the Country for the Next Decade 

Voters were forthright on one democracy issue this election season. Ordinary people, not politicians, should draw the voting boundaries that determine the fate of elections. Here's our analysis on what went right and what went wrong with gerrymandering in the 2018 midterms and what's in store for the next redistricting cycle.

Media & Democracy 09.24.2018

California’s Chance To Lead on Net Neutrality

California has a chance to lead the way on net neutrality, but the clock is ticking. The bill is now on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for signature, and he has until the end of the month to sign the bill into law. This is California’s opportunity to pave the way for strong net neutrality protections across the country and show Chairman Pai why Americans overwhelmingly support a free and open internet.

Money & Influence 07.23.2018

Not so fast! Watchdog commission puts brakes on efforts to increase donor limits for legislative leaders

In a 2-2 vote by the California Fair Political Practices Commission last week, the commission declined to endorse a proposal that would give greater power and fundraising ability to state legislative leaders, while creating new reporting requirements.  Common Cause California and other open government groups warned against fast-track approval of the proposal. 

Will the Los Angeles Ethics Commission Commit to a Stronger Campaign Public Financing System?

This Tuesday, the Los Angeles Ethics Commission is expected to vote on new recommendations to city campaign finance laws. But after all the talk and all the studies, it’s not even clear that they will be discussing a ban on corporate donations or a boost to public financing.

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