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Most voting goes without a hitch, but there are complaints of malfunctions, confusion and long lines

Isolated incidents were reported in California. The nonpartisan voting monitoring group California Common Cause said its volunteers received 2,000 calls to its voting hotline, many with questions about changes to polling places. In one unusual interruption in Bakersfield, a driver crashed into a elementary school and ran away, leading police to lock down the polling place. In North Hollywood and Canoga Park, a jammed ballot box and a broken voting machine led to problems. At the Los Angeles County registrar’s office in Norwalk, hundreds lined up for more than two hours to iron out registration issues, including new voter registrations.


What matters for car companies, bipartisans and internet fans

“There’s a lot of money to be made off of sick people.”—Kati Phillips of California Common Cause, as dialysis company spending hit $111 million to defeat Proposition 8, which would regulate their profits.

Money & Influence 10.26.2018

Dialysis companies spend $111 million to kill ballot measure

When corporate profits are at stake, campaign spending often balloons, said Kati Phillips of California Common Cause, which advocates campaign finance reform. “Health care measures are expensive,” she said. “There’s a lot of money to be made off of sick people.”

Voting & Elections 10.17.2018

What’s Behind All Those DMV Voter-Registration Snafus? ‘Motor Voter’ May Have Launched With Makeshift Computer System

Instead of the properly integrated computer program that was needed, the agency launched in April with disparate computer systems that didn’t automatically link together, according to advocates who have been working closely with the DMV on the new “motor voter” system. That meant DMV workers had to manually link information from various systems during transactions between April and September, when an integrated system was put in place, said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause.

Voting & Elections 10.10.2018

The Debate About Debates: Should Candidates Be Compelled to Participate?

New York City requires any candidate who accepts public funding for citywide office to participate in debates," said Kati Phillips, a spokeswoman for California Common Cause. They've spent three years trying to develop a similar model in Los Angeles. "We are one vote away from requiring all city council and citywide candidates to participate in a debate or town hall to qualify for public financing," Phillips said. "Previously the law had a loophole — candidates just had to agree to a debate, not actually show up!"

Ethics 10.9.2018

Are political swamps in California and Washington mostly drained? This study says they are.

Kati Phillips, a spokeswoman for California Common Cause, said the index shows there’s work still to be done in the Golden State. “We’ve worked to drain the swamp in California, but we still have our share of alligators,” she said.

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