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California Common Cause (CCC) is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization that works to strengthen public participation and ensure that public officials and public institutions are accountable and responsive to citizens. In the last decade, we have led efforts to successfully pass important reforms to create a more participatory and inclusive democracy, including Props. 8 and 20 (creating California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission), Online Voter Registration, Same Day Registration and strengthened municipal campaign finance and ethics rules.

Through a powerful combination of grassroots organizing, coalition building, policy development, research, public education, lobbying and litigation, we spotlight local, state and national issues that affect Californians. Let’s make sure every voter has a voice, end the stranglehold of big money interests on politics, and put democracy back into the hands of Californians.

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Comcast & Time Warner Cable Merger

Because a vibrant informational ecosystem is critical to self-governance, California Common Cause is working to ensure public interest communications policies that connect all Americans to quality news and information. Learn More ›

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Proposition 49

Proposition 49, the Overturn Citizens United Act. Learn More ›

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Koch Brothers

With a combined net worth of $43 billion, Charles and David Koch are collectively the third wealthiest people in the United States. The Kochs fund a juggernaut of elected officials, think tanks such as the Heritage Foundation and groups like Americans for Prosperity that advocate for public policies that help advance their business interests, but which harm public health and public safety.The Koch Brother political agenda has also propagated into the media landscape. Learn More ›

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Know any passionate students? Applications for our 5th Annual Student Activist T...
Wednesday, May 27 2015

After Comcast's failed bid, Charter and Time Warner Cable agree to merger - CNET
The merger includes an important add-on: Charter is buying Bright House Networks, and the newly merged company will own a significant slice of that operation if the deal is approved.
Tuesday, May 26 2015

Congressmen Rohrabacher, Lowenthal Introduce Bill to Protect Independent Redistricting
Two California lawmakers have introduced a bill to protect citizens redistricting commissions
Tuesday, May 26 2015

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