Media & Democracy Legislation

We believe that a functional democracy requires a free and open media; one that allows ideas to flow naturally and doesn’t let big business decide which perspectives are shown.

2018 Legislation

Net Neutrality

SB 822 (Wiener – San Francisco)
California Common Cause has made passing this a legislative priority

Summary: SB 822 would mandate Net Neutrality in California, prohibiting internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating between websites with respect to cost or speed of service based on who owns the website, website content, or method of access. It would prohibit state agencies from using or funding ISPs who violate net neutrality principles.

Without these restrictions, ISPs can intentionally block, slow down, or charge money to allow access to specific websites and online content. Our democracy thrives only with a free and open exchange of ideas. Allowing a few companies to control which viewpoints are seen on the internet, or to charge a premium for equal access, would be a dangerous precedent.

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Defending Net Neutrality