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On the first episode of Democracy Is, we cover the topic of “Redistricting” as part of a two-episode arc. We take an inside look into how the process came to be, the politics of the Gerrymander, and real impact it has had on our communities. Along with understanding the mechanics of Redistricting, we have a conversation with Kathay Feng on the the fight for Redistricting Reform in California.

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Our Guest this Episode

Kathay Feng is Common Cause’s National Redistricting Director.

Feng has led Common Cause’s work to challenge partisan and incumbent gerrymandering, through litigation, state-based organizing around ballot initiatives and legislation and creating new platforms for community-based redistricting. As Executive Director of California Common Cause, she championed and won election and redistricting reforms, stronger government sunshine and accountability laws, campaign finance reforms, stronger net neutrality laws, and the voting rights of traditionally disenfranchised communities. Kathay is the architect of California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission, leading the multi-year effort to study, write, and pass the two initiatives, Propositions 11 and 20, that created the commission and new community-focused process. She also led efforts that secured passage of California laws bringing online voter registration and same day registration (called conditional voter registration) to the state.

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Continued Education

The following are our staff's recommendations if you'd like to continue learning about Redistricting.

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  • The Color of Law – Richard Rothstein
  • Our Time is Now – Stacey Abrams
  • Give us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America – Ari Berman
  • Ratf**ked – David Daley
  • Unrig – Daniel G. Newman; illustrated by George O’Connor


  • Slay the Dragon (2019) – Barak Goodman & Chris Durrance
    • Featuring our guest star Kathay Feng
  • Whose Vote Counts – Vox Media
    • Available on Netflix

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