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On this week’s Democracy Is episode, we cover the topic of “Redistricting” as part of a two-episode arc. We take an inside look into how the process came to be, the politics of the Gerrymander, and the fight for redistricting reform. Along with understanding the mechanics, we bring to you real stories from the community Koreatown and  the city of Watts who have been affected first-hand by bad redistricting.

In an interview, Kathay Feng brings us first-hand insight into what the fight for Redistricting Reform looked like in California. Kathay Feng is Common Cause’s National Redistricting Director. Kathay Feng has led Common Cause’s work to challenge partisan and incumbent gerrymandering, through litigation, state-based organizing around ballot initiatives and legislation and creating new platforms for community-based redistricting. 

After wrapping up our interview with Kathay, we invite you to come back for Episode 2 where we will discuss the highs and lows of the Redistricting cycle in 2020. 

For more information on Redistricting and Gerrymandering, please visit: https://www.commoncause.org/our-work/gerrymandering-and-representation/gerrymandering-redistricting/ 

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