Overturn Citizens United Act will appear on California’s November Ballot

California Voters Will Weigh in on Corrupting Influence of Money in Politics

Today the Governor confirmed that Senate Bill 1272, the Overturn Citizens United Act will become law without his signature. SB 1272 will place an advisory question on the November 2014 ballot to ask voters if Congress should amend the United States Constitution to overturn Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Money Out Voters In, a group of volunteers that Common Cause is a fiscal sponsor for, led the campaign to put this important question to the voters of California.

“This is a great day for democracy,” stated Michele Sutter, cofounder of Money Out Voters In. “Thanks to the leadership of Senator Ted Lieu, California voters will have the opportunity to voice their outrage over the increasingly perverse Supreme Court decisions. This is how movements start.””In the June 3rd primary, only 25.2% of registered California voters turned out for the election. We think the Overturn Citizens United Act will energize voters statewide giving them the chance to weigh in on a major the national issue – how to curb the dominance of money in politics over the voices of voters,” said Kathay Feng, Executive Director of California Common Cause.

Thus far, voters and representatives in16 states and hundreds of localities across the US, have had the opportunity to weigh in at the ballot box to overturn Citizens United passing measures with huge success. Here’s a sample of the results: Montana: 75% YES; Colorado: 74% YES; Massachusetts: 79% YES; Richmond, CA: 72% YES; San Francisco: 81% YES; Chicago: 74% YES; and Local Oregon Measures: 73-80% YES.

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