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Money & Influence 05.25.2023

Court Upholds Constitutionality of New Anti-Corruption Law

California’s biggest special interests lose lawsuit to stop new California law that would bar pay-to-play in local governments

Money & Influence 05.9.2023

Advocates File Amicus Brief Defending Constitutionality of Anti-Corruption Law

California Common Cause defends the public interest over special interests in challenge to landmark pay-to-play law

Money & Influence 03.6.2023

VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Today’s Media Briefing: What’s at Stake if Big Money Wins Lawsuit to Terminate Anti-Corruption Law

A panel of policy and democracy experts warned the public of the high-stakes consequences of the special interest lawsuit to terminate SB 1439 at a virtual press conference held Monday.

Money & Influence 02.23.2023

California’s Biggest Special Interests Sue to Terminate New Common Sense Anti-Corruption Law

SB 1439 closes a pay-to-pay loophole at the local level that big-money now seeks to keep open

Money & Influence 01.27.2023

New Report: Publicly Funded Campaigns Can Dilute Big Money’s Influence on California’s Politics

California Common Cause provides two keys to reforming how campaigns are funded

Money & Influence 11.9.2022

Oakland Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Measure W

Victory for the reform measure, which creates an innovative Democracy Dollars program and increases political ad transparency

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