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Money & Influence 03.6.2023

VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Today’s Media Briefing: What’s at Stake if Big Money Wins Lawsuit to Terminate Anti-Corruption Law

A panel of policy and democracy experts warned the public of the high-stakes consequences of the special interest lawsuit to terminate SB 1439 at a virtual press conference held Monday.

Money & Influence 02.23.2023

California’s Biggest Special Interests Sue to Terminate New Common Sense Anti-Corruption Law

SB 1439 closes a pay-to-pay loophole at the local level that big-money now seeks to keep open

Money & Influence 01.27.2023

New Report: Publicly Funded Campaigns Can Dilute Big Money’s Influence on California’s Politics

California Common Cause provides two keys to reforming how campaigns are funded

Money & Influence 11.9.2022

Oakland Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Measure W

Victory for the reform measure, which creates an innovative Democracy Dollars program and increases political ad transparency

Money & Influence 09.30.2022

Newsom Signs Bill Shining Light on Statewide Lobbying Activity

“Californians deserve to know the big monied special interests behind legislation that impacts our everyday lives,” said Jonathan Mehta Stein, Executive Director of California Common Cause.

Money & Influence 09.30.2022

Newsom Signs Pro-Democracy Bill Ending Local Pay-to-Play Politics

“Our democracy belongs to the people, not the highest bidder,” said Jonathan Mehta Stein, Executive Director of California Common Cause.

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