Common Cause Endorses Good Government Reforms in Long Beach

LOS ANGELES, Monday, September 24, 2018 — Today California Common Cause, a good government nonprofit, endorsed the four governance reform measures — Measures AAA, BBB, CCC, and DDD — appearing on the Long Beach ballot this November. Common Cause provided technical assistance to the City on redistricting and ethics best practices during the drafting of Measures CCC and DDD.

“This is one of the most comprehensive reform packages we’ve seen at the local level,” said Nicolas Heidorn, Policy Director of California Common Cause. “These proposals represent a step forward towards stronger good governance in the City of Long Beach.”

Measure AAA will strengthen the City Auditor’s ability to ensure city government programs are effective and efficient by expressly authorizing the Auditor to conduct performance audits.

“This Measure will strengthen the City Auditor’s powers as a watchdog for the public good,” Heidorn said. “The Auditor plays a vital accountability role by ensuring that city programs are efficient and effective.”

Measure BBB will revise Long Beach term limits from 8 to 12 years and eliminate a loophole that has allowed incumbents to circumvent existing limits by running as a write-in candidate.

“Measure BBB establishes reasonable term limits and eliminates an irrational loophole that could allow incumbents to serve indefinitely,” said Heidorn. “The twelve-year limit proposed by this Measure matches state term limits.”

Measure CCC will establish an Ethics Commission to provide oversight over Long Beach campaign finance and ethics laws.

“Measure CCC will strengthen public trust in government by creating an Ethics Commission to ensure that Long Beach’s campaign finance and anti-corruption laws are respected,” said Heidorn. “Ethics commissions are a municipal best practice. Most large cities — including Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego — have an ethics commission to protect the public interest.”

Measure DDD will establish an independent citizens commission to redraw city council districts after each census using a transparent process and criteria that prioritize keeping neighborhoods and communities intact.

“Measure DDD will establish one of strongest independent local redistricting commissions in the nation,” said Heidorn. “Redistricting should be in the hands of the citizens, not  elected officials. Our State Redistricting Commission has proven that, when the people draw the lines, communities are better represented and political gerrymandering can be stopped.”

“More than a dozen California local governments have established independent redistricting commissions to promote better and fairer redistricting, including Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles County. We’re excited to see Long Beach joining this movement to put voters first.”

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