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Voting & Elections 09.25.2018

Common Cause Endorses Good Government Reforms in Long Beach

Today California Common Cause, a good government nonprofit, endorsed the four governance reform measures -- Measures AAA, BBB, CCC, and DDD -- appearing on the Long Beach ballot this November. Common Cause provided technical assistance to the City on redistricting and ethics best practices during the drafting of Measures CCC and DDD.

New Tools to Destroy Partisan Gerrymandering Recognized in Common Cause Writing Contest

As Common Cause takes its quest to end partisan gerrymandering to the U.S. Supreme Court in Common Cause v. Rucho, it is also promoting a toolkit for courts and advocates to determine whether partisan gerrymandering has effectively taken away voters’ voices. A new and important tool, a “Swiss Army knife” paper written by Princeton University neuroscientist Samuel S. Wang and his team, pulls together several different legal and math approaches and explains how they all work together. Today he is named the winner of Common Cause’s third Partisan Gerrymandering Writing Competition.

Forum on How to End Gerrymandering in Long Beach

LONG BEACH, Monday, July 30, 2018 - California Common Cause and Equity for Cambodians are inviting community members to a public forum August 4 to learn more about how a proposal to create an independent citizens redistricting commission to draw Long Beach City Council districts will make redistricting more responsive to Long Beach communities. The Long Beach City Council is poised to ask voters to end political gerrymandering in its city by placing the proposal on the November ballot.

Voting & Elections 06.29.2015

Supreme Court Decision Upholds Citizen-Driven Redistricting in California

Today the U.S. Supreme Court issued a sweeping decision upholding the right of Californians to reform elections through ballot initiatives and preserving the power of California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw Congressional districts.

Voting & Elections 07.22.2014

Redistricting Reform Breakthrough: Civil Rights and Democracy Organizations Unite Around: "Redistricting Principles for a More Perfect Union"

A diverse coalition of 16 civil rights and democracy organizations unveiled today a set of principles that should guide any process for drawing legislative lines.

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