California Common Cause Launches New Podcast “Democracy Is,” About How Democracy Issues Impact Communities

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  • Alexandra Leal Silva Operations & Development Associate

Series will begin with interview with California redistricting reformer, Kathay Feng 

Today, California Common Cause released the first episode of “Democracy Is,” a bi-weekly podcast telling the stories of Californians fighting for a more representative democracy. The first episode features nationally-renown redistricting reformer, Kathay Feng, who led the successful ballot measure campaign that created the nation’s first independent redistricting commission in California.

“We deserve a California government that is as inclusive and representative as our communities,” said Jonathan Mehta Stein, California Common Cause Executive Director. “The ‘Democracy Is’ podcast will explore how the major democracy issues of the day impact our local communities and will spotlight the leaders working for—and winning—reform. It’s critical that when we debate public policy issues that we put the voices of everyday Californians at the center of the conversation.”

Host Alexandra Leal Silva will interview democracy reform advocates who are working for a more inclusive, representative, and transparent government at every level. The new series will go beyond the standard political punditry and instead spotlight how the issues being debated in Sacramento, at city halls, and on school boards impact local communities and their ability to hold government accountable to its needs.

“A strong and healthy democracy is one that works for all of us, and California has an important story to tell when it comes to building a more representative government,” said Kathay Feng, Common Cause National Redistricting Director. “As states across the country work overtime to rig our elections and rollback our rights, democracy reform leaders in California can’t afford to get complacent. Our very freedoms are on the line and it’s important we showcase how Californians are uniting to strengthen our democracy and creating a blueprint for success in other states.”

Season 1 of “Democracy Is” will cover a range of democracy issues in California, including redistricting, money in politics, recall reform, and the intersections of media and democracy.

“With this podcast, we hope to make government more accessible to all Californians, especially those who are traditionally ignored and left out of the process,” said Alexandra Leal Silva, California Common Cause Operations and Development Associate. “By telling the stories of those making change happen, we hope to provide a pathway to success for protecting and strengthening our government that other communities can follow.”

New episodes will release every other week. To listen to “Democracy Is,” click here.