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Money & Influence 08.12.2014

California Supreme Court Silences Voters

Today the California Supreme Court made a last-minute decision to halt the election for Proposition 49, ultimately blocking voters’ ability to express their views on one of our nation’s most pressing issues: the undue influence of money in our political process. Today was also the deadline for the California Secretary of State to send the voter information guide to the state printer. Given the Court’s decision, Proposition 49 will not appear on the November 2014 ballot.

Money & Influence 07.22.2014

Governor Brown Signs SB 27 -- Sheds Light on Dark Money

Today Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 27, reforming the Political Reform Act of 1974 to further regulate campaign financing, adding the requirement that committees disclose donors of $1000 or more where those donations were solicited for the purpose of making contributions or expenditures in California.

Money & Influence 07.22.2014

Again, U.S. Supreme Court Decides Against Democracy

McCutcheon ruling allows individuals to donate millions per election cycle, further drowning out voters' voices.

Money & Influence 07.22.2014

Report by Common Cause and the ACCE Institute Highlights Oil and Gas Industry Influence in Sacramento

A report released today by the ACCE Institute and Common Cause highlights the growing influence of the Oil and Gas Lobby in Sacramento.

Money & Influence 07.22.2014

Senate Bill 27 Passes the State Assembly

Today the California State Assembly passed Senate Bill 27 with bipartisan, supermajority support (58 ayes -- 18 noes). This crucial campaign disclosure bill will go a long way toward California's campaign disclosure laws by closing the nonprofit reporting loophole.

Money & Influence 07.22.2014

YELP, Facebook, Google & Yahoo---Don‘t Fund Evil!

CA Common Cause, along with our allies and members, will hold a press conference in front of the headquarters of YELP, Facebook, Google and Yahoo to deliver an open letter to their CEOs and employees to urge them to withdraw their membership from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

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