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Common Cause suggests independent redraw of Yolo County districts for 2020

“Some counties have had nasty battles over redistricting,” Heidorn said. “They (tell Common Cause): ‘we don’t want to touch redistricting; we want someone else to do it.’” California adopted a Redistricting Commission earlier this decade, which is now considered a model for other states as it ensured greater non-partisan preferences for voting regions covering the state Assembly and Senate.

Money & Influence 08.30.2017

Campaign-Finance ‘Dark Money’ Bill Clears Key California Senate Committee

“This is the most important campaign-finance law before the Legislature this year,” Nicolas Heidorn of the citizens’ watchdog group California Common Cause said. “When you know who the messenger is you can more effectively evaluate the message. By removing the veil of anonymity, we force groups to put their brand next to their words, which will help nudge our politics slowly towards the ideals of an open legislature. This is a ‘We the People’ issue.”

Voting & Elections 08.29.2017

California resolution urges other states to oppose Trump’s election commission

Elected officials, representatives and voting rights advocates have partnered in the past to make voting convenient and without risking voters’ security, according to Board Chair at California Common Cause Chair Jonathan Stein.

Money & Influence 06.12.2017

Some Montebello council members raise thousands of dollars from city contractors in non-election year

Kathay Feng, executive director for California Common Cause, criticized the practice of taking money from city contractors and called it unusual for fund-raising to happen in a small city so far removed from an election.

Voting & Elections 05.9.2017

California Is Being Sued For Making Voter Registration Too Complicated

California voting rights groups announced Tuesday they had filed a lawsuit against the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Transportation for failing for comply with a federal law that makes it easier for people to register to vote.

Is Sacramento ethics reform finally going to happen?

Steinberg knows he needs public trust to make real progress on his ambitious to-do list on jobs, the homeless, youth services and much more. But confidence in government is not very high these days, and it hasn’t helped that ethics reform has dragged on this long. So far, the most significant accomplishment is that in November, voters approved a measure creating a citizens commission that will draw City Council districts, though that won’t happen until after the 2020 census.

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