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The People’s Maps Act Passes the California Senate

SB 139 aims to end gerrymandering at the county level

Money & Influence 05.22.2019

Statement on Los Angeles City Council Campaign Finance Vote

The proposed rules are designed to end the real and perceived pay-to-play politics at City Hall.

Money & Influence 05.21.2019

Nonprofits Urge City Council to Limit Behested Payments

Restrictions on behested payments will help end pay-to-play politics at City Hall.

Diverse Coalition of Immigrant and Good Government Groups Announces Support for Local and County Gerrymandering Reform

SACRAMENTO – In advance of state Senate and Assembly committee votes today, a broad coalition of immigrant and good government groups announced their support for two bills authored by California Common Cause that aim to end gerrymandering at the local and county level.

Common Cause Leading the Charge to End Local and County Gerrymandering

AB 849, called the Fair Maps Act, requires city councils and other local governments to use standardized, fair redistricting criteria that prioritize communities when drawing district lines. SB 139, the People’s Maps Act, goes one step further and requires counties with 250,000 or more residents to establish independent redistricting commissions to draw district lines using the fair criteria. 

Money & Influence 04.16.2019

Los Angeles Should Adopt People-Funded Election Rules

California Common Cause urges Los Angeles City Council to make it easier to qualify for matching funds and to adopt people-only campaign contribution rule

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