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The next generation of democracy activists

Kasey and Heather, fellows at California Common Cause, have been working hard to plan California Common Cause’s 2016 Student Activist Training. Learn about how this training has shaped their lives, and why it’s so important that it continue:

Money & Influence 03.14.2016

If Cal-Access were a cell phone, it would be a pager

California Common Cause is working to increase transparency by improving California's online campaign finance and disclosure system, Cal-Access. Watch our press conference for SB 1349 - which overhauls and modernizes the outdated system.

Money & Influence 10.16.2015

L.A. City Councilmember’s bold idea to curb campaign spending

Only five months into his term as a newly elected Los Angeles City Councilmember, David Ryu is already starting to shake things up at City Hall when it comes to campaign finance reform.

Voting & Elections 10.13.2015

The Hour of Local Democracy

In boosting local voter turnout, SB 415 is an important step in strengthening our democratic system.

Voting & Elections 09.18.2015

Ethics and Redistricting Reform Coming to Sacramento

Sacramento City Council unanimously approves comprehensive ethics reform package, which includes the creation of an independent ethics commission, an ethics code, and an independent redistricting commission.

Money & Influence 09.11.2015

California’s Proposition 49, The Overturn Citizens United Act To Have Its Day in Court At Last.

Late last week, the Court announced that they will hear oral arguments in Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association v Padilla on October 6th. The hearing will determine if Prop 49 will be restored to California’s November 2016 ballot.

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