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Putting People Before Money

To have a democracy of, by, and for the people, we need a government that gives everyone an equal voice. But today, wealthy special interests and their lobbyists have thrown our system out of balance — they make the rules and set the agenda. That’s why we’re fighting for reforms that diminish the influence of big money in politics.

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Stop the Influence Of Money On Our Elections

There are a number of important reforms that Nebraska could enact today to move our campaign finance system forward. We're working with legislators on steps forward that would make elections more transparent and less beholden to big donors.

Annual Lobby Report

Influence for Sale in the Unicameral

Lobby Reform

When lobbyists wield too much power and influence, everyday Nebraskans lose.

Disclosure and Transparency

Nebraskans deserve to know who is trying to influence our government and what they're spending to do it.

Citizen-Funded Elections

Elections financed by small-dollar donors help break down barriers to participation in our democracy, creating a government that looks more like us and works better for us.

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Create an Independent Redistricting Commission

Nebraska will draw new voting maps in 2021; our policymakers need to be reminded that everyday people deserve fair maps.

Help Protect our Elections

Join our team of Election Protection volunteers to serve as Nebraska voters’ first line of defense against misinformation and disenfranchisement at the ballot box.

Learn more about Influence in Nebraska

Common Cause Nebraska has spent decades tracking big spenders and wealthy interests that influence our policymakers. Read our latest report to learn more.

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