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Money & Influence 08.31.2021

Lobbyist Spending: Nebraska’s Other Pandemic Thrives During COVID-19


In 2000, gross earnings for the Nebraska lobby were recorded as $3,002853. Since then, we have seen increases each year reaching an all-time high in 2019 of $19,405,061. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, however, brought the steady growth in total earnings to a halt.

Shucking the Bucks: Another Record Harvest for Nebraska Lobbyists


For nine years, Common Cause Nebraska has compiled public records to document the growing wealth of the lobby and expose the influence of special interest money in politics. We continue to advocate for a two-year break before legislators can become lobbyists, ending in-session fundraisers and more transparency from both lobbyists and the special interest groups on how they influence lawmakers.

Money & Influence 06.18.2019

Breaking Records: Wealthy Special Interests Spend Most Ever


For eight years, Common Cause Nebraska has compiled lobbyists’ expenses to document the growing wealth of the lobby and advance reforms to curb the influence of special interest money in politics. This report highlights how Nebraskans have become accepting of lobbyists wining, dining and entertaining their way to access, despite how it puts the average citizen at a disadvantage.


Campaign to Campaign Donations

The original Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Act prohibited the exchange of campaign funds, but today those transfers are as much as $20,000. We testified in support of LB175 which would end the practice of transferring money between candidate accounts. Unfortunately, the Government and Military Committee choose to let this legislation die in committee rather than move it to the floor of the Unicameral for discussion. We'll continue to advocate for common-sense campaign finance reform and we hope to address this issue through future legislation.


Nebraskans’ Right to Know Brochure.

Every Nebraskan has the right to access their government. We, the people, are self-governed, so government data and meetings are accessible to all of us. We appreciate those who serve the public and whenwe want or need access to this information, the responsibility is ours to get it.


2017 Nebraska Lobby Report

In Nebraska, the lobbyist’s tools appear unlimited. Not only can lobbyists wine, dine, and entertain, they can donate to political campaigns, host campaign fundraisers, and solicit campaign funds from their clients. With that toolkit, the lobbyist can open nearly any door.

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