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Money & Influence 11.4.2022

Money Talks: Campaign Finance Insights from the Nebraska Primary Elections

Money plays a significant role within the American political process. From candidacy to incumbency, money directly impacts how elected officials get into public office, how they vote once in office, and what policies they choose to prioritize.

Voting & Elections 10.25.2022

Passing Initiative 432 will make it harder — not easier — for Nebraskans to vote in upcoming elections

"Let’s be clear: Passing a voter ID measure will do nothing but create additional barriers between Nebraskans and the ballot box."

A Blueprint Mystery

A tax plan proposed by Blueprint Nebraska will benefit corporate interests and the wealthy while shifting a sales tax burden to everyday, working Nebraskans. How did such a tax plan come into existence? When legislation that benefits corporate interests and the wealthy comes into play, many look to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) as the source.

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