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1991- Pushed to make sure Nebraska’s redistricting plan was disclosed before public hearings were held.

1996- Helped create the Campaign Finance Limitations Act, Nebraska’s version of public campaign finance.

2000- Worked worked with Senator Chambers to require state officials to report all gifts over $100 with an estimated value.

2005- Filed the first complaint against Regent David Hergert for violating the CFLA by withholding campaign spending reports during his campaign for University of Nebraska Regent. The complaint led to a $33,000 fine and the impeachment of Regent Hergert.

2006- After Speaker Brashear introduced the Broadband Prohibition Bill, Common Cause Nebraska made the legislature and the public aware that Brashear was being paid for legal services by Cox Cable.

2006- Helped to write and pass legislation requiring all public meetings to post the Open Meetings Statutes and publicly identify the location of the statute in the room.

2007- Made public the University of Nebraska’s secret interviews in Kansas City for the University President’s position.

2007- Made public the fact that Public Service Commissioners were receiving as much as 80% of their campaign funds from utilities they regulate

2008- Identified the 15 senators who spent a long weekend at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas while the legislature was addressing gambling legislation.

2010- Defended the CFLA before the Nebraska Supreme Court.

2010- Revealed that Senator Rogert had signed papers identifying himself as a “boat dealer” to avoid paying the sales tax on his $40,000 boat.

2010- The redistricting procedures we recommended were adopted into the rules.

2014- Led the opposition to the University of Nebraska’s efforts to conduct a secret search for a new president. With the help of the press and the ACLU, we were successful.

2014- Helped lead successful effort to pass on-line voter registration. This historic achievement resulted from the work of a strong coalition.

2015- When we realized that many public entities were asking the public to “sign in” at their meetings, our opposition gained the support of the attorney general.

2015- Succeeded in requiring MECA, the multimillion-dollar metropolitan entertainment association, to abide by state open meetings laws.

2021- Led the way in calling for a transparent and fair redistricting process. Our advocacy and coalition-building helped create an outpouring of public interest and improved districts maps in key areas of Omaha and Grand Island.


















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