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Will you support Common Cause Nebraska's work this Giving Tuesday?

Our democracy is facing challenges on multiple fronts. With the 2022 election season on the horizon, some partisan politicians will be doing everything they can to protect their power through voter suppression and election sabotage — but with your help, we won’t let them get away with it.

With your continued support, we’ll keep fighting for a democracy that works for all of us here in Nebraska. And that’s because change doesn’t just take place on Election Day — democracy starts with people like you and me taking an active role in our communities and working on the issues that affect us and our families.

And on this Giving Tuesday, the biggest impact you can make — as a voter, an activist, or a citizen — is on the state and local level. Will you chip in and fuel our efforts to ensure that our democracy works for all of us?

Holding Power Accountable

Modern Democracy for Nebraska

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2021 Redistricting Reform

Fair redistricting means voting maps that put the interests of average Nebraskans first, instead of the legislators who drew them or the political parties they represent. Common Cause is working within the Unicameral to bring about meaningful reform to the way we redistrict.

Instead of allowing legislators to draw their own districts based on political affiliation and voter records, we are advocating for rules that would require nonpartisan census data and public input to draw maps.

And we're getting Nebraskans more involved in the redistricting process. By talking to people in areas across the state about the locations and places that define their communities, our goal is to change the redistricting structure from a top-down, partisan approach to grassroots, publicly involved process.

Working with a diverse group of organizations and policymakers, we believe real change is possible before the end of the year.

To help, sign our Redistricting Pledge. With your help we can show the unicameral that Nebraskans want real reform, not just the same old process.

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Want to get involved today? Here are some ways you can get engaged right now.

Create an Independent Redistricting Commission

Nebraska will draw new voting maps in 2021; our policymakers need to be reminded that everyday people deserve fair maps.

Bring back Publicly Funded Elections

Nebraska once publicly funded legislative elections. We think it's time to reduce the influence of big donors and special interests by bringing back a public funding system

Learn more about Influence in Nebraska

Common Cause Nebraska has spent decades tracking big spenders and wealthy interests that influence our policymakers. Read our latest report to learn more.

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