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Fair Maps Matter

For our elections to be fair, every vote must carry the same weight. That’s why redistricting, the one-a-decade process of redrawing voting district boundaries, is such a crucial part of our democracy. When done properly, it ensures that every voter has the same power in our elections and that communities are fairly represented in government. However, when done for partisan gain, it can lead to gerrymandering, undermining fair representation.

In Nebraska, the legislature oversees drawing voting maps, a system that allows the people with the most at stake to control voting districts. State senators are allowed to redraw their own district lines to choose the voters they want and exclude potential opposition. It also serves as distraction from regular legislative affairs and has been used by elected leaders to reward allies and punish enemies.

Independent Redistricting Commissions
To combat gerrymandering and ensure fair representation, many states have adopted independent redistricting commissions. These commissions are comprised of nonpartisan or bipartisan members who draw district boundaries in a transparent and impartial manner. By removing the influence of partisan politics, we can help ensure that district boundaries are drawn fairly and that communities are accurately represented in government.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting independent redistricting commission in Nebraska to preserve the integrity of our electoral process. Together, we can help ensure that every voice is heard and that our democracy works for all of us.

See how Nebraska did this past redistricting cycle in a new report by Common Cause and coalition partners.

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Independent Redistricting

Voters deserve competitive, fair elections, in which every vote counts and the outcomes reflect the will of the people.

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Nebraska will draw new voting maps in 2021; our policymakers need to be reminded that everyday people deserve fair maps.

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Join our team of Election Protection volunteers to serve as Nebraska voters’ first line of defense against misinformation and disenfranchisement at the ballot box.

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Common Cause Nebraska has spent decades tracking big spenders and wealthy interests that influence our policymakers. Read our latest report to learn more.

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