What if people like us could get elected?

Ordinary Nebraskans  not just those connected to wealthy donors, should have a chance to run and win elections. Unfortunately, that’s not the case quite yet; to win, the vast majority of candidates need to raise big money.

Reforms that provide public matching funds to amplify the voices of ordinary Americans in financing elections have removed those barriers, allowing candidates from different backgrounds to serve in elected office.

Nebraska once had its own version of public campaign financing, but it was overturned in the courts. One of the best things about small dollar donor match systems is that they amplify the speech of those who simply couldn’t run for office without them.

Citizen-funded election systems mean:

  • More ordinary people are able to run for public office.
  • Candidates spend more time listening to and meeting with their constituents, instead of consistently focusing on raising big money from just a handful of donors.
  • Elected officeholders are reflective of the community at large and share similar values and experiences with everyday voters.
  • Elected officials are less indebted to a narrow set of big money funders, and are more accountable to all voters.
  • Policies and laws are more responsive to public needs and less skewed by wealthy special interests.

A robust public campaign financing system cuts the corrupting influence of private campaign contributions out of our democracy.

Let’s bring balance to our democracy, making it accountable to ‘We The People,’ ensuring everyone has an equal voice and equal say.

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