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Money & Influence 03.9.2015

Will push to slow campaign corruption come up toothless?

Common Cause Nebraska supports LB166 and greater campaign account transparency, but will the Nebraska Unicameral act?

Money & Influence 03.9.2015

Editorial, 2/24: Safeguard donor campaign funds

The Journal Star editorial board supports Common Cause Nebraska's effort to increase campaign account transparency.

Money & Influence 03.9.2015

World-Herald editorial: Campaign reports would add light

The Omaha World Herald editorial board supports Common Cause Nebraska's efforts to provide greater transparency of campaign accounts.

Money & Influence 03.9.2015

Midlands Voices: Hole in law hides gambling, tattoos, more

The Nebraska legislature has a problem: laws that allow for campaign finance fraud to go undetected. Common Cause Nebraska and Jack Gould call for reform.

Money & Influence 02.23.2015

Want free trips, babysitting? Run for office, pay with campaign cash

Campaign funds can be used for all sorts of things. Many you wouldn't believe.

Money & Influence 01.16.2015

Campaign cash schemes targeted — again

More than two years after former state Sen. Brenda Council found herself in the middle of a campaign cash scandal which eventually helped squeeze her out of office, at least one state lawmaker continues her seemingly uphill push to end any similar schemes.

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