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Money & Influence 06.21.2023

Report: Nebraska’s Lobbyists Shatter Records — Again

Lincoln, NE — Last year, Nebraska lobbyists broke records, earning a whopping $21,839,249 in compensation from special interests to influence legislation, according to a new report released today by Common Cause Nebraska. 

Money & Influence 03.22.2023

Common Cause Nebraska to Testify at March 23 Hearings on Campaign Finance Bills

LINCOLN, NE — Tomorrow, Common Cause Nebraska (CCNE) Issues Chair Jack Gould will appear before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee to testify in support of LB9, a NE bill that will force disclosures about issue-related, non-candidate spending. That same day, CCNE Executive Director Gavin Geis will also testify supporting LB737, which seeks to place a $1000 limit on how much anyone can contribute to candidates for office.

Money & Influence 04.27.2022

Common Cause Nebraska Releases Lobbying Report Showing Industry’s “Runaway Train” Compensation in 2021

Nebraska lobbyists hired to influence the decisions of state lawmakers earned a record-breaking compensation of $20,789,181 in 2021, according to a new report released today by Common Cause Nebraska.

Money & Influence 05.20.2020

Shucking the Bucks: Another Record Harvest for Nebraska Lobbyists

Common Cause Nebraska releases 2020 Lobbying Report

Money & Influence 08.23.2017

Donors' Dollars Keep on Giving

If you are not running for office this year and you happened to have a few extra campaign dollars, why not help out a friend? The fact that your donors thought they were helping you and not your friend shouldn’t be an issue. That seems to be the thinking of many of our elected officials.

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