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Ex-Lawmaker acknowledges state investigation, denies any wrongdoing

According to government watchdog Common Cause, Smith failed to register as a lobbyist as he promoted Blueprint Nebraska’s tax plan to two fellow Republicans, Ricketts and State Senator Lou Ann Linehan, chair of the powerful Revenue Committee. In April, Common Cause filed a formal complaint against Smith with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.


Local View: Be counted; make vote count

Just last month, the Trump administration announced that it would halt the 2020 Census on Sept. 30, four weeks earlier than the original Census Bureau deadline. It is one of the most important undertakings by the federal government because it determines the distribution of political power and resources nationwide that affect Americans for an entire decade. While Nebraska has plenty of reason to worry about a loss in federal funding, we should also be concerned with how a census undercount will harm the state’s redistricting process in 2021.


Midlands Voices: Ricketts is a major financial player in Nebraska political contests

Money in politics is something all voters should be concerned about. Nebraska statistics show that those candidates with the most money have a greater chance of winning than those with less. Since candidates are not required to disclose donations under $250, it is difficult to measure the effect of small donors. It is safe, however, to estimate that 80% of all legislative contributions come from large donors such as wealthy individuals, corporations and political action committees.


Local View: It’s a money game now

So, in Nebraska, it appears that politics has become a rich man’s game. If you don’t have the money, you may have to sell your soul to those who do.


Voter Map Initiative Going Forward During Health Emergency

With people avoiding contact at grocery stores, and big gatherings postponed indefinitely, Gavin Geis, executive director of Common Cause Nebraska, says getting the nearly 121,000 signatures required to make the November ballot hasn't been easy. But Geis says a coalition is pressing ahead with efforts to stop lawmakers from being able to cherry pick voters.


Don Walton: A Memorial Day with a much different feel

Let's take a quick look at the newest legislative lobbying report issued by Common Cause Nebraska.

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