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Voting & Elections 05.6.2019

Common Cause Hawaii Names New Executive Director

Sandy Ma has been named Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii, a nonpartisan grassroots organization that works to ensure that people are informed and able to participate in their government, and that government serves the public interest.

Voting & Elections 03.21.2016

A Civil Beat Panel Discussion On Good Government Bills (Video)

Common Cause Hawaii Civil Cafe Good Governement

Voting & Elections 02.10.2016

‘Good Government’ Measures Take Another Go At Hawaii Lawmakers

A review of Good Government Bills for the 2016 Legislative sessioin

Hawaii Election Campaign Fund needs refill

The Hawaii Election Campaign Fund is close to depletion, jeopardizing the future of the Campaign Spending Commission and Hawaii's Partial Public Funding Program.

Money & Influence 11.3.2015

A step closer to getting big money out of politics

Common Cause Hawaii volunteer Arianna Feinberg discusses how we can help get money out of politics.

Money & Influence 08.24.2015

Only real, live people should have say in our elections

Opinion piece by Common Cause Hawaii board members R. Elton Johnson III and Will Best on the need for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and reducing money's influence on politics.

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