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Modernizing Our Elections

We believe democracy works best when everyone participates and all voices are heard through a vote of the people. As the state with the lowest voter turnout in the country, we must look for ways to make our elections more accessible, efficient, and convenient for everyone.

Join our coalition of grassroots groups, established organizations, and everyday citizens fighting to modernize Hawaii’s elections: modernelectionshi.org.

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Voting & Elections Campaigns...

Automatic Voter Registration

Modernizing our elections to make them work for all citizens in the 21st century.

Ranked Choice Voting

Increased citizen participation in the lawmaking and electoral process makes for a more robust democracy.

Vote by Mail

We're working for elections that are accessible, secure, and convenient for everyone.

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Reduce Money's Influence

Money has too much influence in our politics and elections. Common Cause Hawaii is working to close campaign finance loopholes and support our Citizen Funded Election Program.

Modern Elections

We must update our antiquated elections system, so that voting is more convenient, efficient, and secure.

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