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Hawaii Demands Fair Representation

In America, no liberty is more fundamental than the right to choose our representatives. But this right is severely weakened when politicians are allowed to create districts that protect incumbents, or are stacked in favor of one political party. Here in Hawaii, we are fighting to  take away the power to draw political maps from politicians, and put it back in the hands of the people.

See how Hawaii did this past redistricting cycle in a new report by Common Cause and coalition partners.

Read more about Common Cause Hawaii’s redistricting advocacy last cycle:

Honolulu Civil Beat – January 28, 2022 – Hawaii Reapportionment Commission Approves Final Legislative Maps

The decision to move forward with the final proposed maps ends a monthslong process fraught with accusations of gerrymandering and political favoritism. But residents still have concerns that the maps don’t meet certain constitutional requirements.

Sandy Ma, director of Common Cause Hawaii, worried that Hawaiian voters could be disenfranchised as new House maps split the Hawaiian homestead community in Papakolea. In Kapolei, the Maluohai homestead subdivision would also be split between two House districts.

To view the entire article, please click here.

West Hawaii Today – January 30, 2022 – House and Senate maps adopted: New House district goes to West Hawaii

The state Reapportionment Commission stayed the course Friday and finalized House and Senate election maps for the next decade, shaking off resident complaints from Hawaii Island and Oahu, citizen-produced alternative maps and even the threat of lawsuits in its 8-1 decision.

But many residents were not happy with the final products.

Sandy Ma, representing Common Cause Hawaii, urged the commission to reject their maps.” The proposed final maps do not take community concerns or testimonies into account and it still split communities of interest,” Ma said.

To read the entire article, click here.

Hawaii Redistricting Webinar hosted by CCHI on September 07, 2021.

Common Cause Hawaii hosted a webinar on this date: Redistricting in Hawai’i & the Counties, Why It Matters, & What YOU Can Do! Click here to view and share a recording of this important webinar. Passcode is: w1wT8$B+

Interview on Redistricting in Hawaii Webinar on September 09, 2021.

On this date, Common Cause Hawaii’s Executive Director, Sandy Ma, fresh off hosting a webinar on Redistricting in Hawaii on 07 Sep, was interviewed on ThinkTech, a public access show to talk about the redistricting issues in Hawaii. Click here for a YouTube video of this important interview. 

Hawaii Reapportionment Map Training Session hosted by CCHI on 28 September.

A special thank you to David Rosenbrock and Royce Jones (from the State Reapportionment Commission) for being our awesome guests. And a big mahalo to Jacob Aki for his superb hosting efforts. Click here for a recording of the event. And Jacob provided several informative links for all of us on Reapportionment and Redistricting in Hawaii.

Hawaiʻi Redistricting Online – Video Tutorial:


Hawaiʻi Redistricting Online – Learning Resources:


Hawaiʻi State Reapportionment/Redistricting Commission Website:

City and County of Honolulu Redistricting Commission:


Common Cause Hawaii Executive Director Appears on PBS Program Addressing Hawaii Redistricting on 28 October 2021.

PBS Hawaii aired an Insights program, Reapportionment and Why it Matters to You. Every 10 years, the boundaries of elected political districts around the state are redrawn to reflect population changes, sometimes creating a new district in one county and eliminating an old district in another. Join us as we discuss Reapportionment and why it matters to you. Sandy Ma, Common Cause Hawaii’ Executive Director was one of the individuals interviewed for this program. Click here to view the program.


Letter to the Editor, Honolulu Star-Advertiser, submitted by Sandy Ma, Executive director, Common Cause Hawaii, subject, Reapportionment panel actions reveal ugly truth, and  published on December 29, 2021

Every decade, after the Census, a politically appointed State Reapportionment Commission redraws the state legislative lines to ensure that people are equally represented. The purpose for remapping the political boundaries is so that The People are able to elect representatives who best serve us. The commission does not seem to understand this; it seems to think it should redraw political boundaries to provide for the easy reelection of incumbents.

While this commission attempts to gaslight the public by saying it listened to a majority of community concerns, the community sees that its redistricting maps only serve to protect incumbents and any benefit to the community is an unintentional byproduct. We see the ugly truth of the commission’s actions.

Clearly, it cares about only one community — those already elected to power. Give The People fair maps now for the health of our democracy!


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