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2021 Legislative Agenda

For the 2021 legislative session, we are focused on establishing an automatic voter registration system, improving the vote by mail system, stopping any call for an Article V Constitutional Convention, and passing two ethics bills held over from 2020. The two ethics bills are:

HB2120 (this bill number will change in the 2021 session) to amend certain parts of the conflicts of interests law of the state ethics code to include members of the legislature. Clarifies that the conflicts of interests law does not prohibit a legislator from introducing legislation, serving on a committee, making statements, or taking action in the exercise of their legislative functions.

HB2124 (this bill number will change in the 2021 session) to prohibit certain former State employees from representing certain interests in a legislative or administrative action before the State for twelve months after the termination of their employment. This was previously vetoed by the Governor.

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