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The 2020 Hawaii State Legislative session officially came to a close on Friday, July 10, 2020. And, Governor Ige’s deadline to veto bills has passed, so we know which of the bills that made it through this most unusual session will become law!

Voting & Elections 09.1.2020

[WEBINAR] Digging Into the Data

2020 Hawaii Primary Election Results Digging Into The Data 1) Who Voted, Where, and Why? 2) Did Any Races / Issues Drive Turnout? 3) Were There Any Vote By Mail Issues? 4) Other Questions or Concerns? Presenters: Michael Golojuch, Jr. Jared Kuroiwa


Your One-Stop Resource for Voting by Mail in the 2020 General Election!


How To Vote By Mail Webinar on 23 July 2020 - YouTube Link

The webinar, hosted by Sandy Ma, Executive Director of Common Cause Hawaii, discussed the need and the procedures for Voting by Mail in Hawaii in the Primary and General Elections in 2020.

What CCHI worked on during the 2020 Legislative Session, that ended on 10 July

CCHI priorities as the session opened on January 15th included: 1) Legislation strengthening our ethics laws and campaign finance reform to get money out of politics, 2) Automatic Voter Registration, 3) Improving our Vote By Mail law for the 2020 Elections, 4) Transparency and accountability through remote testimony at the legislature, and 5) Stopping Article V Constitutional Convention


This flyer and link to a map of Ballot Drop-Off boxes will be of big help in Hawaii's elections!

Check out this flyer on Voting by Mail in Hawaii - Includes Voter Service Center Locations

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