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Fair Maps, Fair San Diego

California Common Cause leads the way in ending redistricting abuse at the state and local level. We’ve worked hard to end partisan gerrymandering across the state because we believe that voters’ — not politicians’ — interests should come first. Redistricting commissions in San Diego County on the city and county level allow for a transparent, community-led redistricting process that puts the people first.

Deadline Approaching on Friday, July 31st: Residents of San Diego County, Chula Vista, and Escondido can apply to serve as a local commissioner today!

Residents across San Diego County have the opportunity to shape fair representation in their local government by serving as a commissioner on any of the local redistricting commissions listed on this page. By serving, San Diegans can have a hand in directing the line-drawing process in 2021 and creating district maps that will last for the next decade.

As a commissioner, you have the opportunity to create districts that ensure fair representation for San Diego County’s communities. If you’re a resident of one of the cities listed below, you can submit an application to serve on your city and county redistricting commission.

If you, or anyone you know, needs assistance in applying for any of these commissions, please send an email to california@commmoncause.org, and we’d be happy to help answer any questions you have about the process.


Learn more about eligibility and the application process by clicking on one of the buttons below!

Escondido Redistricting Commission - Apply by July 31st

Redraws Escondido City Council districts.

San Diego City Redistricting Commission - Application closed

Redraws San Diego City Council districts.

Chula Vista Redistricting Commission - Apply by July 31st

Redraws Chula Vista City Council districts.

San Diego County Redistricting Commission - Apply by July 31st

Redraws San Diego County Board of Supervisors districts.

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For more information regarding the Escondido Redistricting Commission, contact zbeck@escondido.org

For more information regarding the San Diego City Redistricting Commission, contact cityclerk@sandiego.gov

For more information regarding the Chula Vista Redistricting Commission, contact LLarrarte@chulavistaca.gov

For more information regarding the San Diego County Redistricting Commission, contact redistricting@sdcounty.ca.gov

If you would like the San Diego City application mailed to you, contact the City Clerk at (619) 533- 4000 (voice) or cityclerk@sandiego.gov.

If you need assistance with the San Diego City application, including the Form 700, Common Cause can help you complete and submit your application. Contact Kiyana Asemanfar at california@commoncause.org to request this assistance or learn more.

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