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Here are some reports and other useful resources that contain information on California Common Cause's priorities. If you have other information that you think might be useful to put here, please contact us at (213) 623-1216.

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Media & Democracy 02.23.2024

Community Perspectives and Policy Recommendations for Strengthening San Francisco's Journalism Ecosystem

Media & Democracy 01.2.2009

Sacramento Television Coverage of the February 2008 Primary Election


An affiliate of California Common Cause, the Sacramento Media Group comprises community members who represent the League of Women Voters of Sacramento County, Access Sacramento, the community access cable television station, and faculty members from local colleges. SMG, along with numerous state and national public interest organizations, has long expressed concern about the quantity and quality of television news and public affairs coverage. This report directs its attention to local broadcast television stations and how they carried out their public interest obligations while playing a role in the 2008 primary election cycle.

Media & Democracy 09.1.2006

Content Analysis: The Fear and Fluff of LA’s Nightly Local News


What type of news gets covered in Los Angeles on local television newscasts? And how much of it is even local? To answer these and many other questions, a media reform group associated with California Common Cause monitored the local Los Angeles late-night television news broadcasts for a snapshot of news content.

Media & Democracy 05.1.2005

Sacramento Television Coverage of the November 2004 General Election – Executive Summary

Executive Summary

This is the Executive Summary to the report: Sacramento Television Coverage of the November 2004 General Election

Media & Democracy 05.1.2005

Sacramento Television Coverage of the November 2004 General Election


In the fall of 2004, the Sacramento Media Group (SMG) − an association of concerned citizens including members of California Common Cause, the League of Women Voters Sacramento and Access Sacramento, the local public access cable television − joined a national campaign to evaluate how fairly and effectively local broadcast television stations used the public airwaves to educate voters about candidates and issues. The national campaign, coordinated by the Public Interest Public Airwaves Coalition (PIPA), tried to convince broadcasters nationwide to air two hours per week of locally produced election coverage in prime time (5:30 -11:35 p.m.) during the six weeks prior to Election Day 2004. The two-hour standard represents approximately 5 percent of total prime-time hours.

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