Statement From California Common Cause Policy Advocate Phillip Ung On Ab 1413 (Fong) Gut & Amend To Change Residency Determination


Media Contact:

September 7, 2011

Phillip Ung (760)793-0853

Statement from California Common Cause Policy Advocate Phillip Ung

on AB 1413 (Fong) gut & amend to change residency determination

“California Common Cause strongly opposes these end-of-the-year cloak and dagger tactics to make substantial changes to state law without proper public deliberation and input. This bill will be voted on in a committee hearing not publicly announced in the Senate File and amendments occurred over a holiday weekend. We were told by Capitol staff that AB 1413’s amendments were simple clean-up language and make only technical changes as a result of judicial decisions. However the contrary seems to be apparent. We have respectfully requested that Speaker John A. Perez and Assembly Member Paul Fong to hold this bill until the next legislative session.”

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