Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Ab 1436, Election Day Registration Bill

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August 16, 2012

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Senate Appropriations Committee Approves AB 1436, Election Day Registration Bill

Sacramento, CA – Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved Assembly Bill 1436 by Assembly Member Mike Feuer (D-West Hollywood), legislation that would allow eligible voters to register and vote up to and on Election Day. The bill was approved off the Suspense File with 5 ayes to 2 noes on a partisan split.

“This bill has overcome a major hurdle today and we are excited to see California take one step closer to increasing access to the voting booth,” said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause. “At a time when we are seeing voter suppression laws adopted in other states, California has decided to pursue voter promotion laws. Simply put, voters who are eligible to vote should have access to their ballots.”

Over 20,000 Californians signed a petition in support of Assembly Bill 1436 and over two dozen public interest and voting rights groups have expressed their support.

Assembly Bill 1436 will move to a full Senate Floor vote where advocates are optimistic about the chance of passage.

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