Major Party Candidates For California Secretary Of State Join With Common Cause

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July 12, 2013

Phillip Ung

(916) 520-4070

Major party candidates for California Secretary of State join with Common Cause

to urge congressional action on Voting Rights Act

SACRAMENTO – The 2014 California Secretary of State race may be just getting started but Common Cause is happy to find at least one major issue in common between all four major candidates: the Voting Rights Act. As part of Common Cause’s national campaign to urge congressional action Derek Cressman, Senator Alex Padilla, Pete Peterson, and Senator Leland Yee showed their support by submitting pictures for a photo petition.

“This June, the Supreme Court decided to strike down one of the most effective provisions of the Voting Rights Act, opening the likelihood that dozens of states will now move to implement draconian Voter ID laws and other restrictions on voting. The time is now for Congress to come together to restore the Voting Rights Acts important protections,” stated Kathay Feng, Executive Director of California Common Cause.

“The Voting Rights Act is this nation’s first line of defense against disenfranchisement and discriminatory voting practices. California is this country’s single largest electorate and to have these candidates cross partisan lines to support the Voting Rights Act simply shows the importance of this essential body of law,” said Phillip Ung, policy advocate for Common Cause. “Congress should follow the candidates’ example and pass a new Voting Rights Act.”

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Requests to the Green Party of California and American Independent Party went unanswered. The Peace and Freedom Party of California does not currently have a nominee for Secretary of State.