Los Angeles Groups To Train Citizen Journalists

Media Contact:

February 24, 2011

Anjuli Kronheim (213) 252-4552

Los Angeles Groups to Train Citizen Journalists

Los Angeles – Several groups are coming together at Occidental College in Los Angeles this weekend to inform Angelinos and other regional residents about the media landscape and train them how to be citizen journalists.

“Fewer and fewer resources are being spent on news gathering and analysis, the kind we need in a democracy. Journalists have been laid off in droves the last few years and training citizen media makers is just one of the ways we can help keep people informed,” said Anjuli Kronheim, Los Angeles Organizer for California Common Cause.

WHAT: Just Media: LA Media Reform Summit 2011

WHEN: Saturday, February 26th (registration starts at 9:30 a.m.)

WHERE: Occidental College, Johnson Hall, Room 200, Los Angeles, CA 90041

RSVP: Contact Anjuli Kronheim at 484-213-4811

Groups like Courage Campaign, LA Progressive, Aquifer Media, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Islamic Shura Council of Southern California and the Norman Lear Center at USC are joining forces to train citizen media makers to record podcasts, be video activists, write for the Internet (blogging), and to compete in the 24 hour news cycle. See the full schedule here http://lamediareform.wordpress.com/just-media-summit-schedule.

Directions to Just Media: LA Media Reform Summit 2011: enter the Occidental College Campus at the main entrance: 1600 Campus Road, 90041. Once on campus, signs will direct you to visitor parking. From the parking lot, signs will direct you to Johnson Hall, Room 200 (note: NOT Johnson Student Center, but Johnson Hall). More detailed directions can be found at http://lamediareform.wordpress.com/mediasummit2011/directions-to-media-summit/

A printable campus map can be found here: http://classic.oxy.edu/welcome/tour/oxymap2008.pdf

Parking is labeled on this map as: Patterson Field & Rush Gym Visitor Parking. The media summit will take place in buildings 2 and 3, Johnson Hall and Fowler Hall.

California Common Cause is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to restoring an open, honest, and accountable government, also working to strengthen public participation and ensuring that political processes serve the public interest, rather than the special interests.