Four Top Mayoral Candidates Endorse Proposition C

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March 4, 2013

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Four Top Mayoral Candidates Endorse Proposition C

Candidates Support Instructing Congress to Overturn Citizens United and eliminate corporate personhood

Los Angeles – This May Los Angeles will be the largest electorate to date to vote on instructing their congressional representatives to work to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision and eliminate corporate personhood. With the primary upon us, Eric Garcetti, Wendy Greuel, Emmanuel Pleitez, and Jan Perry have endorsed the voter instruction proposition, and Kevin James has not responded. The Proposition reads:

Shall the Voters adopt a resolution that there should be limits on political campaign spending and that corporations should not have the constitutional rights of human beings and instruct Los Angeles elected officials and area legislative representatives to promote that policy through amendments to the United States Constitution?

The Citizens United decision led to the most expensive election in history, with outside groups and Super PACS spending more than $1 billion, much of it coming from a handful of individuals and special interests. In the Mayoral Race in Los Angeles so far, outside spending has accounted for about a quarter of all spending – approximately $3.2 million while candidate spending is approximately $9.3 million.

“Proposition C will give Congress a clear instruction- bring elections back to the people so that no individual, no corporation, can buy access and influence over our elected officials,” said Common Cause’s Derek Cressman. “The size of somebody’s bank account should not determine the strength of their voice in our democracy – one person, one vote.”

Thus far everywhere that voters have had the opportunity to weigh-in at the ballot box on overturning Citizens United the measures have passed with greater than 70% support. Polling indicates 9 in 10 Americans think corporations have too much influence in our elections and 8 in 10 support overturning Citizens United.

What the Candidates are Saying:

Eric Garcetti: “The loudest voice in any election should be that of the people. Voting for this initiative says to the special interests. ‘enough’s enough.”

Jan Perry: “I support Proposition C on the May ballot. We have the opportunity to send a clear message to our federal representatives that corporations should not be afforded the same rights as individuals and that campaign and political spending limits should also be extended to corporations. Voters in Chicago and San Francisco have already approved similar initiatives and, as the second largest city in America, we can make an enormous impact on the national dialogue and the effort to push forward a constitutional amendment. Collectively, our voices can make the difference.”

Emanuel Pleitez: “Politics should be about the honest and informed opinions of the people; unfortunately, special interests and corporations have co-opted much of the process, especially here in LA. Many of our politicians have lost their way. Limiting spending and reclassifying corporations can not only stop the race to the highest budget, but decrease the perceived necessity of special interest dollars to reach that number. Most importantly, it will give the vote back to the people. I advocate for a Yes vote on Proposition C. “

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