Former Legislators Prohibited By Law From Lobbying For One Year

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November 30, 2012

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Former Legislators Prohibited by Law from Lobbying for One Year

One year ban begins today

Sacramento, CA – Today, California Common Cause sent an open letter to the Fair Political Practices Commission which provided a list of former legislators who are prohibited from lobbying the Legislature for one year, beginning today, under California Law:

Government Code 87406(b):No Member of the Legislature, for a period of one year after leaving office, shall, for compensation, act as agent or attorney for, or otherwise represent, any other person by making any formal or informal appearance, or by making any oral or written communication, before the Legislature, any committee or subcommittee thereof, any present Member of the Legislature, or any officer or employee thereof, if the appearance or communication is made for the purpose of influencing legislative action.

The open letter urges the Fair Political Practices Commission to investigate any former legislator and lobbyist employer who violate California’s “revolving door” laws. In addition the open letter encourages lobbying employers, lobbying firms, legislators, legislative staff, and members of the media and the general public to report any violation for Government Code 87406 to the Fair Political Practices Commission or California Common Cause.

“In addition to raising awareness about the current law, California Common Cause will be looking for courageous legislators who are willing to take on lobbying reform and strengthen the state’s revolving door laws,” said Phillip Ung, policy advocate for California Common Cause. “It’s time to close the biggest loopholes in our lobbying laws and increase disclosure of the influence industry.”

In order to assist the public with enforcing this law, the open letter includes the names of all former legislators who fall under this lobbying prohibition:

Michael Allen Bill Berryhill Cameron Smyth

Betsy Butler Martin Garrick Jose Solorio

Charles Calderon Linda Halderman Sandre Swanson

Wilmer Amina Carter Mary Hayashi Elaine Alquist

Gilbert Cedillo Alsyon Huber Sam Blakeslee

Mike Davis Fiona Ma Bob Dutton

Mike Eng Tony Mendoza Tom Harman

Nathan Fletcher Jeff Miller Christine Kehoe

Felipe Fuentes Chris Norby Sharon Runner

Mike Feuer Anthony Portantino Tony Strickland

Warren Furutani Jim Silva

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