Copy Of Governor Jerry Brown Signs Sb 397 (Yee) Online Voter Registration


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October 7, 2011

Katie Fleming (916) 443-1792


California Common Cause applauds the Governor’s decision to bring California voter registration into the 21st century

A few moments ago, Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed Senate Bill 397 to bring Online Voter Registration to California. This legislation was authored by Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) and sponsored by California Common Cause.

SB 397 directs the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Secretary of State to develop a process and the infrastructure to allow electronic copies of the applicants’ signatures and other information that is in the possession of the department to be transferred to the Secretary of State and to the county election systems to allow a person who is qualified to register to vote in California to register to vote online.

“This is a surefire system used by several other states,” said Kathay Feng, executive director for California Common Cause, “Information will be secure, data will be accurate, and the state will save significant funds through this innovation.”

California Common Cause expects this system to be up and running for the 2012 November General Election.

California continues to be at the forefront of increasing voter registration and participation. Younger voters between the ages of 18-25 are expected to utilize online registration more than any other demographic. Allowing online registration may also increase access for citizens who have access to the Internet but not convenient access to public buildings where voter registration forms are consistently displayed.

SB 397 becomes law in January 2012.