City Of Long Beach Adopts Resolution To Support A Constitutional Amendment Overturning Citizens United

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October 22, 2013

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City of Long Beach adopts resolution to support a Constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United

LONG BEACH, CA – The Long Beach City Council, on Tuesday night, voted 8 to 0 to adopt a resolution supporting a Constitutional amendment to reverse the 2010 Supreme Court decision in the case of Citizens United vs the Federal Elections Commission. The resolution was sponsored by council member Al Austin, and co-sponsored by council member Patrick O’Donnell. Several other members of the council spoke in favor of the resolution, including Robert Garcia, Gerrie Schipske, and James Johnson.

Also speaking in support of the resolution were local activists Maria Mejia and Carole Roberts, both from Long Beach. All of the speakers agreed that the amount of money flooding the election system was unacceptable.

Roberts claimed that, “the citizens of Long Beach should have the right to control their own elections.” And Mejia asked the council to “see if you don’t agree that the flood gates have indeed been opened.”

A team of activists have worked for several months to bring the resolution to the attention of the council. They included Cyndy Fowler, Dianne Daley, Kathy Dasilva, Gwenlisa Davis, Dagmar Muthamia, Peggy O’Neil-Rosales, Lynne Smothers Reese, Laurel Telfer and Naida Tushnet. Common Cause organizer John Smith, who helped with the resolution, said “the Constitutional amendment is about guaranteeing that The People stay in control of their own government. It means that we’re all the same regardless of how much money we might have.

Long Beach now joins with over 500 cities and 16 states nationwide, and 50 cities in California, calling for an amendment to the Constitution.

To learn more about Common Cause’s National drive to overturn Citizens United, visit our site here:

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