California Common Cause Urges Governor to Sign Net Neutrality

SACRAMENTO, Friday, August 31, 2018 – The California Senate today approved SB 822, the strongest net neutrality bill in the nation, following yesterday’s approval in the Assembly. California Common Cause urges Governor Jerry Brown to quickly take up and reinstate online fairness for residents statewide.

Net neutrality enables users to access the Internet services they want — and to express themselves online — without meddling by Internet Service Providers (ISP). It prevents the Internet from being controlled or dominated by any individuals, groups, or organizations who want to control what we do, what we see and where we go online.

The California law is necessary due to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) repeal of net neutrality rules in December 2017. Since the repeal, ISPs have been free to block, throttle, and charge special fees to prioritize Internet access.

Statement of Yosef Getachew, the director of the Common Cause Media and Democracy Program:

“California Common Cause applauds the Senate and Assembly for voting to restore net neutrality. Special thanks to Senator Scott Wiener for his leadership on this important bill.

An open internet is vital to a functioning democracy. It ensures the Internet can be used as a platform for free speech, civic engagement, economic opportunity, and innovation. That’s why this bill is critical to restore net neutrality to California after the FCC repealed its rules last year.

Despite the influence of big cable and telephone companies who threw armies of lobbyists to kill net neutrality, the California legislature sided with the residents of California who overwhelmingly support net neutrality.

But it’s not just Californians who support net neutrality – Americans all over the country demand an open Internet. States should look to California as a model for comprehensively providing their residents with net neutrality protections.

We urge the Governor to quickly sign this bill into law to protect California Internet users from blocking, throttling and other deceptive practices by Internet Service Providers.”